At Custom Chip Solutions we help our clients to make their electronic products smaller, cheaper and more power-efficient. We allow our customers to focus on their core know-how and products. We are doing this by building a secure supply chain, choosing the best set of chips for their latest ideas, or building the custom logic and ASICs they need. We research, evaluate, buy and build so our customers can implement cutting-edge, market-leading products.

Máthé Sándor

Sándor Máthé

CEO and Founder

Welcome! I am Sándor Máthé, CEO and founder of Custom Chip Solutions (CCS). I have graduated as an Electrical Engineer with a specialization in Embedded Systems. Later I studied Business Management. Throughout my professional career, I have worked in various technical and managerial roles in the field of transportation, automotive, and cloud. I always had a deep interest in the underlying HW more specifically how the chips work. This led me to the conclusion that real product differentiation starts by adopting the right set of chips either from the market or with a custom design. This realization and the latest technological developments led me to establish CCS and start supporting Customers in this area. I believe the entire semiconductor industry is going through a profound transformation that will ultimately democratize the application of design techniques like custom logic and ASIC design. With CCS I am committed to support all of our customers through this journey!



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MM-Vill Ltd

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You can read here our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Delivery


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